More thoughts on the 2018 Paris Flood

Here is an interview I recorded about the similarities between the 2018 flood and the 1910 flood.

Paris Flood 2018

My thoughts on the Paris flood of January 2018 at
My thoughts on the Houston flooding and how we can keep cities strong in disasters here.


My thoughts on the Battle of Charlottesville and why history matters here.

Lessons of the 2016 Paris Flood

See my article on the 2016 Paris flood from the Real Clear World website here. 

Check out my new edited primary source reader The Underground Reader.  Every society has rebels, outlaws, troublemakers, and deviants. This collection of primary sources takes readers on a journey through the intellectual and cultural history of the "underground" in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It demonstrates how thinkers in the US and Europe have engaged in an ongoing trans-Atlantic dialogue, inspiring one another to challenge the norms of Western society. Through ideas, artistic expression, and cultural practices, these thinkers radically defied the societies of which they were part. The readings chart the historical evolution of challenges to mainstream values - some of which have themselves become mainstream - from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present.

Check out my new co-edited volume on cafe culture in Paris, Italy, and Vienna.  Click here.

Scott Haine and I co-authored a piece about cafes titled "Work Should Be More like a Cafe" on the Wonders and Marvels blog.  Check it out here.

Water Leader

See my article on the 1910 Paris flood in the latest issue of The Water Leader published by the National University of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Police.

New York Times Paperback Row

Paris Under Water is listed in the May 15, 2011 New York Times Paperback Row section.

The Great Flood of 2011

Here is my guest column in the Memphis Daily News about the recent flooding on the Mississippi River.

Jackson Wins Day Award

The Dean’s Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity is presented to a member of the faculty who has demonstrated that research and/or creative activity is an integral part of his or her vocation and who has published or performed outstanding works over the previous three years that have gained scholarly recognition or critical acclaim.

The whole story here.

Commercial Appeal article here.

Mention in Rochester Review here.

H-France Review

Paris Under Water received a very nice review on H-France, the very important listserv for scholars of French history, culture, literature, etc. Read a pdf of Julian Wright's review here.

Envisioning Disaster in the 1910 Paris Flood

My article on the photographs of the 1910 Paris flood has been published in the March 2011 issue of Journal of Urban History.

Abstract: This article uncovers the visual narratives embedded within the photography of the 1910 Paris flood. Images offered Parisians multiple ways to understand and construe the significance of the flood and provided interpretive frameworks to decide the meaning of this event. Investigating three interlocking narratives of ruin, beauty, and fraternit√©, the article shows how photographs of Paris under water allowed residents to make sense of the destruction but also to imagine the city’s reconstruction. The article concludes with a discussion of the role of visual culture in recovering from urban disasters.

Video of the Seine in Flood, December 2010

Here is some video from TF1 of the Seine's current high water.

The Seine Is Rising Again

The Seine is currently (late December 2010) several feet above its normal level thanks to the unusual amount of snowfall that France, and all of Europe, has received this winter. As we approach the 101st anniversary of the great flood of 1910, some in Paris are wondering whether an enormous flood could overwhelm the city once again.

Here is an article from the English-language desk of France 24 which quotes me on the history of the 1910 flood and the possibilities for another event like it today.

Here are some photos of the current high water from Liberation.

Rain Taxi Interview

Here is my interview with Rain Taxi Review of Books.

History Today Review

Andrew Hussey, author of Paris: The Secret History, gives a nice review of Paris Under Water in History Today here.

Good Reads

Some nice reviews on Good Reads here.

Vanderbilt Magazine

A nice mention in Vanderbilt Magazine here.

New Books in History

Here is my interview with Marshall Poe, host of the New Books in History podcast. Thanks to Marshall for a great conversation and for a wonderful website that highlights new research.