New Photos of the 1910 Flood

These never-before seen images of the 1910 flood were shared with me by Judy Hime-Everschor and Jennifer Rosenfeld-Bass
who discovered them in their family photo collection (click to enlarge). The photos show their relative who immigrated to Paris from Russia and became a house painter when he eventually moved to the US. The location is somewhere on the rue de la Roquette, a heavily flooded area near the Bastille. These images depict some of the many wooden walkways (or passerelles) which people used to get around the city during the worst of the flood. They also demonstrate the way in which time seemed to stop for many people in Paris during the flood. Here, we see men in their neighborhood, but they can do nothing until the water recedes. (Photos courtesy of Judy Hime-Everschor Collection; reproduced here with permission).